thank you for joining us 😸😽 in disrupting mental health 🤬

on april 1 and 2, the Conference provided a weekend of interdisciplinary discussion to challenge notions that “mental health” can be described by way of chemicalsdiscrete labelswhite coatseconometricsthe academy, or any single institution … reimagining who gets to speak … service users, young ppl, and others who are psychiatrized (yet oftentimes disenfranchised) were joined by the more normatively commanding … panels of high schoolers, grad students, professors, clinicians, and activists. talking and having a good time 🙂

blogposts and recordings now available ^__^

…directed by joseph sexton co-organized by mel b (@madsubjectivity) + alma ionescu + nika mavrody + shannon pagdon + doah shin + (twitter-less) wenzhi pan 😇🥶😸